Then and Now: Two Years of Let’s Plays



I started a let’s play channel two years ago with a friend of mine.  We had no idea what we were doing. Hell, I didn’t even know a let’s play was a thing at the time.  I just figured making videos about games would be fun and then found out that’s apparently a whole thing that people already do.  Fast forward two years and we still have no idea what we’re doing, but now we have better recording equipment. So that’s cool.


I guess I’m just feeling nostalgic today.


TheSaDGames as a channel has gone through a ton of changes over that span of time, but our one through-line is Xbox Live Indie Games.  Our very first videos were of XBLIG trials, we’ve done plenty more along the way, and we even just uploaded a new one this week.  With everything we do it seems to be the one type of content that consistently does well, and we’ll be sad to see this mess of a marketplace die down as the Xbox One takes over.


September 2011: Xbox Live Indie Games : Protect Me Knight (まもって騎士)


November 2012: Xbox Live Indie Games : Rocketgirl


September 2013: Xbox Live Indie Games : Unicorn Makout Mania


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