Collected Thoughts on Xbox One Reveal


I made a few posts in reaction to the Xbox One news, but they were on sites where access is private.  Feel free to read through them if you so desire.  They’re complete with comment sections, though those were trimmed for clarity, continuity, and relevancy.

Xbox One owners will have to pay a fee in order to play pre-owned games.

If the PS4 doesn’t secretly end up also doing this then Sony has my money next gen.


  • Alex: Microsoft just put out a article saying that there will be no fee. Q: Will Xbox One allow players to trade in, purchase and play pre-owned games? 
    A: We are designing Xbox One to enable customers to trade in and resell games. We’ll have more details to share later.
  • Me: That does not say anything about there being no fee.
  • Alex: No but this was released after they saw uproar about it. I don’t see them doing a fee, they know that would hurt the system.
  • Me:  I’m pretty sure they just flat out said there will be a fee, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at.
  • Alex: They can always take it back. Even if there is a fee, what price do you think it’d be set at?
  • Me: No price is acceptable.
  • Alex: TRUE! That’s why I see them recalling the entire price ordeal. It’s not like it’s too late or anything.
  • Me: You say it’s not too late to change their mind, but people were already responding to these rumors long before today’s announcement. They already know it was going to piss people off and the fact that they’ve stuck with it anyway means they probably don’t give a shit. It also requires an internet connection. It’s basically every horrible thing people thought it might be, meanwhile the PS4 is looking pretty nice and not anti-consumer.
  • Mike: Even if they remove the used game fee, which I doubt, the fact that they considered and confirmed it is reason enough to never give them your money. I wouldn’t even want one off the truck.
  • Keith: Exactly, because you don’t know yet what other bullshit they’ll be okay with in the future.
  • Alex: Major Nelson put out a little thing a while ago that almost makes it sound like there won’t be a fee as long as you are a gold member.
  • Me: Do you know why he said that? Because he’s a PR guy. Their entire job is to tell the truth in as misleading ways as possible without straight up lying. Tell me when he explicitly says that there will be no fee, because until that is specifically said everything else that he hints at is just creatively worded bullshit.
  • Jason: Phil Harrison, AKA the fucking VP of Microsoft Studios (and as such much more important than a Twitter mouthpiece) says you have to register your game, online, and that afterwards the disc is useless because anyone else using it will have to pay full price to do so.
  • Ben: Yup, maybe in 50 years when internet is as available as oxygen I will buy a console…but by then, console will be dead anyways and everything will be like VR Troopers. Virtual Reality!!!!!
  • Andrew: Welp, I guess having gamefly is completely worthless now.

The Xbox One is not backwards compatible to Xbox 360 Discs or Xbox Live Arcade Games.


Looks like I was right about this one. Ever since Harmonix mysteriously stopped making all DLC for both their aging Rock Band franchise and their massively popular Dance Central series I said it was because they knew something that we didn’t: The Durango (now Xbox One) would not be compatible with Xbox 360 content. When the Rock Band news came I chalked it up to the last game being several years old, but Dance Central? You don’t just stop making Dance Central DLC when it’s doing so well unless something’s up.

Making sure that gamerscore transfers over is a nice touch at keeping some customer loyalty since people are already invested in that system, but it’s not enough for me. I own a ton of Xbox 360 content and the number one move that could have increased the chance of me buying the NextBox would have been the ability to keep using that content on the new console. Now that I know that isn’t the case I’m hesitant to leave my 360 behind until I finally polish off my huge backlog of content, and now that I know the Xbox One is on the attack against used games I have zero reason to ever buy one.



  • Pernell: Part of me isn’t TOO distraught as it is always nice to be given a reason to keep my money.
  • Zach: What is Microsoft thinking.
  • Me: They’re thinking that a subscription-based entertainment box has a larger market than a video game console I’m guessing.
  • Justin: Steam doesn’t have physical media, and it doesn’t let you buy games used (nor resell.) Despite that, Steam is the best thing going right now. Let’s not pretend that those reasons alone will hurt this system. It will be hurt because MS controls the prices, and they’ve never shown willingness to be fair/competitive with digital game pricing… The new XBOX is trying to emulate a PC, now in full – but without the cheap prices and streamlined process. So it fails. The same goes for PS4, to any and all degrees I care about. I’m very happy/lucky to have assembled a good computer back in late 2011, and it will be serving me well for some years to come. As will my 360/PS3. I have no need for these new consoles anytime soon.
  • Me: Consoles will always fail in attempts to emulate PC because, well…PC still exists. I have no desire for an almost-PC, which Microsoft seems desperate to put out. The restrictions and limitations of PC gaming are acceptable because they come with additional freedoms and capabilities. It often seems like Microsoft is only emulating the parts of PC gaming that suck, including none of the parts that make it special such as the massive mod and free indie game communities.
  • Justin: Amen to both of those posts. And this is nothing new; both the 360 and PS3 ended up becoming glorified faux-PCs by the late part of their cycles (but without many of the most-essential and dev/consumer-friendly aspects of actual PCs.) This was stated very eloquently in that old Jimquisition episode.
  • Me: This is why I have to respect Nintendo. The PS4 is obsessed with sharing game experiences over social media and the Xbox One is all about changing the ways that we don’t play video games, but the Wii U is actually designed to offer new ways of playing games. The concept seems novel, but for a while that was true for most new consoles. The Wii U has an excuse for existing that isn’t graphics.

A post I made in immediate reaction to Call of Duty Ghosts.


I’m currently sitting through the Xbox One conference and I’ve found myself shockingly happy to see Call of Duty news. Not because I particularly want Call of Duty, but because up until this point (the conference is almost over) I’ve been completely starved for video game content, especially actual gameplay. So far it’s been apps, fantasy football, more apps and stuff my phone and PC can do, television, more television, holy shit they started talking about fantasy football again, sports and driving games….and finally some Call of Duty footage.


There’s some amusing stuff to be had, particularly the full motion capture of dogs because neon shaded doggy spandex covered in ping pong balls is the bestest. I actually laughed when the guy on stage said that making Modern Warfare 4 would be the safe thing and they want to do the right thing instead. They of course proceeded to show footage that is everything you would expect from a new Call of Duty game while talking about it as if it’s super edgy and risky.


I couldn’t help but notice that the Call of Duty segment started with them unveiling that they were using an Oscar-winning director, which was followed by a video of someone saying that Call of Duty works because they focus on the gameplay, which was followed by the guy on stage touting the game as the most emotional game in the series.

MOVIE! DIRECTOR! OSCAR! STORY! (hey guys the gameplay is super important and stuff) EMOTION! DOGS! UNDERDOG NARRATIVE! IMPACT!

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Anthony Edition:


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