Family Research Controlled By Sith Master

It seems that Bioware is including same sex relationships in their popular Star Wars MMORPG in order to satisfy fans, but Family Research is up in arms over the issue.  I normally wouldn’t bother talking about something like this, I mean the title itself is already redundant.  What, you mean that one anti-gay religious organization with a misleadingly neutral sounding name is against gay people being in something?  What a shocker!

Things get interesting however when you take a look at Tony Perkins’ incredibly poor word choice during the broadcast.

“In a new Star Wars game, the greatest threat to the Empire may be homosexual activists.”

“It’s time to show companies who the force is really with.”

Wait, threat to the empire?  You mean the bad guys?  Did Family Research just imply that homosexuals are going to save the day from the tyranny of the evil empire lead by Sith and murderers?  Better yet, Perkins mentions the force in a manner that sounds like he’s encouraging people to stand up against that homosexual threat so that the empire can continue unchallenged.  Family Research is clearly being manipulated by a Dark Lord.  It all makes so much sense now!  How else could they be so filled with hate?

All joking aside, I can’t help but ask why the throngs of complaining parents bought their children a T rated game.  T for Teen.  If they’re already teenagers then I’m pretty sure their sensibilities aren’t going to be scarred by the knowledge that homosexuals exist.  If they’re younger then that then the most concerning factor to me is that they’re letting their nine year old play a massively multiplayer online RPG.  By definition this means they’ll be spending hundreds of hours with total strangers that average out to be over 30 years old.  That alone puts them at risk to being exposed to a whole lot more worrisome issues than catching “the gay.”


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