Hello World!

Hello there.  I’m Bobo daMunkee, short form: Bobo.  That’s me up there, second from the left and my avatar is surprisingly accurate to real life.  I’m one of the new writers here, and I think it’s safe to say that I am the old man of the group by a pretty wide margin.  That doesn’t mean I’ll be the voice of reason in a sea of youthful exuberance, it only means that I have refused to grow up longer than most people.  Hurray for immaturity!!

My gaming experience goes back to the Atari 2600.  I owned one when they were readily available on store shelves, within 2 years of launch.  A few years before that, however, I did play on the original home Pong machines.  Some people talk about playing this game or that game on some 8 or 16 bit system or emulator and call them selves “old skool”.  I can only laugh.  I am old school, and have the pedigree to back that claim up.  Doesn’t mean I’m better or more “hard core” than them.  Again, it just means I’ve refused to grow up for a LONG time.

Due to my circumstances you will find most of my gaming writing is centered on single player experiences and bite sized Indie games.  I have the worst internet in the world, HughesNet Satellite.  I have a 225 megabyte (not a typo) per day download quota that I share with 2 other people, and latency in the 3-4 second range on a good day.  Multiplayer is right out, so I mostly play games that have a decent single player campaign: RPG, racing, and quirky puzzle games mostly with a healthy dose of Rock Band thrown in.

With a real job and a new start-up web development company, my gaming time is usually divided into small chunks of time here and there, so I’ve discovered that a lot of smaller Independent games are getting more play time.   Most of these are set up so I can play 5-10 minutes at a time, if need be, and still feel like I got something accomplished.  Don’t try to play something like Final Fantasy 5-10 minutes at a time, it just doesn’t work.

Other than that, I’m a drummer, avid reader, a raging Star Wars nerd (R2D2 Xbox 360?  Yeah, I preordered that thing within 2 minutes of finding out about it.  I cancelled my Vita pre-order for it.  Now where’s my limited edition, fur covered Ewok controller?  Come on MS, make it happen!), and a fan of most things SciFi/Fantasy.

Game on, people!

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6 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. It’s interesting, really. Internet used to play no role in video games, but now your entire habit can be defined by the presence or lack thereof.

    Furry Ewok controller? I’m terrified.

  2. Bobo daMunkee Says:

    I may write an article about that. When you don’t have decent internet for gaming it affects a lot of small fringe things now that gamers with good internet take for granted.

    At least my internet allows unlimited downloads from 2 AM to 7 AM, since I’m usually up that late anyway I can start downloads then. I also have a download manager that will automatically start and stop downloads at certain times. But at 130K/sec download speeds large files can take a couple of days.

    • I imagine that it would be especially frustrating if you wanted to play a game that requires you to be online, which is becoming more and more common. Dragon Age: Origins after you had any DLC, Diablo III in the future, etc.

      • Bobo daMunkee Says:

        Diablo III is right out, now. Which is a shame; I wanted to play that. I can play Origins, with DLC wwithout being connected. I think, it’s been a while since I tried. Steam is the real bain of my existence right now. I have to turn off automatic updating for every game so it doesn’t start downloading without me knowing and use up our quota.


    Wait, why is this comment multicolored?

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