Ranting While Playing: Battlefield Bad Company 2

I’m pretty sure that the engine of a motorboat has an audible range greater than twenty feet.  Am I really supposed to believe that this is a stealth mission?

What is it with war games and having you play as someone who dies in the first mission/prologue?

Good thing there’s always a conveniently located RPG every time a helicopter shows up.

Fighting waves of enemies in a dust storm that I can’t see through but apparently hinders them in no way is not my idea of a good time.  What’s with smoke and dust in this game, anyway?  Pretty much every fight is accompanied by huge clouds that obscure most of the actual gameplay.  I got stuck for a while in what should have been a pretty simple area because it was all long range combat and the enemies were completely hidden by the sandstorm.

Shooting at helicopters with slow-moving rockets that don’t even go in a straight line isn’t fun the first time and beyond annoying the tenth time.

Every time I see the hippie helicopter pilot all I can think of is the beginning of Dead Rising.

“Git outta the way, I gotta save me some cheerleaders!”

Wow, that was a short game.  I beat the entire thing in two sittings, which is pretty abnormal for me even if a game is short.  It was probably longer than Medal of Honor.  Regardless, this is definitely how you make a good campaign for a war game.  Ignoring the prologue you spend the entire game as one character.  He communicates with his team, every character has a personality and is instantly recognizable to players.  The plot may not be remarkable but it’s not convoluted by bad storytelling choices so at least you can tell what’s going on and it all makes sense.  It’s a fun game will a sense of humor, though it still falls into that same old brown shooter sludge during the actual gameplay.

– – – – –

Wow, I’m not sure why I didn’t post this before.  It’s just been sitting here for about three months.  Enjoy?


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