How to get the highest rated comment on Youtube

Make a comment about how the # of people who dislike this video fell victim to whatever obvious joke took place in the video.  Never mind the fact that it’ll be outdated immediately.  If it’s a music video then say that they’re Justin Bieber fans.

Say something angry about people who post “FIRST!”

Call everyone who doesn’t like this video a fag.


Make a comment about how Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or whatever pop star you ironically pay far much attention to should fall victim to whatever obvious joke took place in the video.

Cite the time in the video where some easily missed thing happened, no matter how insignificant or uninteresting it is.

A woman? That’s a funny looking kitchen.

I am about to say a… *puts glasses on* … PUN.

Quote as many lines from the video as possible.

Fail, only Chuck Norris can do that.

Complain about the top rated comments.

But will it blend?

Thumbs up if you’re the 304th viewer!

Flying object? Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!

Tell people to press some overly-complicated sequence of numbers after pausing the video.  Clearly this will be much funnier than the video already was.

Is the inanimate object that collided with that living one okay?

Complain about the newest change that has been made to Youtube.  This cat video is clearly meant to be your soapbox.

Say something genuinely funny, clever, or insightful that leaves users with the feeling that they’ve somehow benefited from reading a video’s comments.  Wait, fuck that.  What is this, a vlogbrothers video?


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