Quickie Review: New Rally-X

I absolutely despised New Rally-X at first.  The enemy cards that are trying to hit you get incredibly fast, the controls are awkward and often unresponsive, the field of view is tiny, and the map has no detail whatsoever.  I actually yelled at the screen a few times because I had to many deaths that felt completely unjustified as the waves of 6+ opponents closed me into tiny alleys and other impossible situations.  I eventually completed the full achievement list for the game, though, and by the end of it I was able to reach level 9 and score 115,000+ points before running out of lives.  This made my previous feelings feel much less justified.  That said, even at the end I still felt that about half of my deaths simply weren’t fair.  This game would have benefited from a Pac-Man C.E. or Galaga Legions-type updated, preferably with a more zoomed out view that lets you see more than twenty feet in each direction.  I don’t feel any desire to play this game in its classic form again, but I can see it being pretty fun if they remake it in a way that lets you see what’s going on.


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