Quickie Review: Altered Beast

I think Altered Beast was specifically designed to annoy me.  I probably pissed someone off in 2015 that went back in time to destroy me.  The controls are serviceable and the bosses are decent enough, but the regular enemy AI seems to have been programmed to just screw with the player.  The wolves are especially bad.  They’ll jump in from off-screen and just stand there in one place, waiting for you to approach.  Once you cross some imaginary line they just pounce on you with an attack that seems to be faster than any reaction you could tell your character to use.  Then they run off screen and you miss out on your chance to power up and transform into whatever creature you want to be during that level.  I had to replay several portions of the game over and over again because even when I knew exactly what would happen I couldn’t manage to get through it in one piece.  There are several angles you don’t seem to be able to attack in or defend against, and even when you can your attacks are usually much slower than your opponents’.  Altered Beast is is just thoroughly unfun to play.  If I enjoyed it more I might have just seen the problems as challenges to overcome, but I see no redeeming factors for this game.  People probably only remember it because of the transformation mechanic.


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