Review: Bloody Good Time

I really, really wanted to like Bloody Good Time for its premise alone.  You play as an actor who works for Director X, and you basically compete with your opponents at getting the most interesting kills.  The director chooses which weapons are worth the most points, then once you use those weapons for a while they lose their value and are replaced by something that hasn’t been used.  Taunts, humiliations, and traps mix things up by offering alternate sources of points while security officers that patrol the level with hunt you down and take away your points if they catch you doing anything.  There’s also a decent variety of modes including free for all, a zombie infection mode, and one where each player is given a specific target to hunt down while they’re being simultaneously hunted by someone else (see: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood).

Everything that I’ve described sounds like a great idea for a fun multiplayer game with a ton of variety, but Bloody Good Time just doesn’t pull it off.  There are a ton of weapons but only a few are worth any points at any given time, which leads to a lot of time searching for good weapons while earning little to no points.  Aiming is very touchy and ammo is limited, which leads to a lot of situations where you pick up a valuable weapon, empty the clip while trying to aim at one of the game’s skinny character models, and then have to flee or switch to a worthless weapon to finish them off.  Level design is messy and chaotic, and you rarely have any way of referencing your current location against the overall map.  This leads hours of running down random hallways with unknown destinations while simply dealing with whatever weapons and opponents you run into by chance.  There are only a handful of levels so I might have been able to figure them out if I had stuck with the game for a longer time, but it just isn’t worth the effort.

To make things worse the AI can be game-breakingly tough at times, even on easy.  I thought that I’d try a 1-on-1 match in an attempt to earn some achievements, but the AI just camped on a rooftop for the entire game with a crossbow and killed me in one hit every time I tried to get to him.  Once again, easy mode.  It’s infuriating to try and hit a fast-moving stick figure that has near perfect aim.  The crossbow was only worth one point but that sure didn’t matter.  The AI won the game one point at a time, premise of the game be damned.  Bloody Good Time could have been a great game in better hands.  That’s the best I can say about it.


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