Ranting While Playing: Legendary

Take a normal city and fill it up with werewolves, griffins, and other mythological creatures?  Sign me up!  Hard mode for full-on masochism.

The collectibles in this game are dead people’s final text messages.  Here’s a thought, if your text ends with the phrase “but maybe it’s the concussion and the heat getting to me” maybe you shouldn’t be texting.

Breaking open a door control and messing with the wires for a few seconds to open the door and get the “you call this security?” achievement was funny the first time, but it gets very tedious and repetitive very quickly.  At some parts you bypass a panel to enter a room where all you can do is bypass another panel.  Completely unnecessary.

So…hard mode is borderline unplayable.  Restarting on easy mode then…goodie, the cut scenes are unskippable.

After chapter 2 there’s a sudden slide show that’s narrated by the main characters partner.  It’s all handled in a way where if someone were to just see this scene they would assume she was the main character of the game.  It’s just strange.

Here we run into the silent protagonist issue again.  What exactly is the point of it?  I get that it can help with immersion in first person games, but all of Legendary’s cut scenes are shown in third person and often involve other characters holding one-sided conversations with the non-responsive protagonist.

Use your force push thing to make pixies vulnerable.  Take down werewolves for good by removing their heads.  The infinite spawns get pretty annoying, but at least the enemies are fun to fight.

You learn to remove the head pretty quickly.

When you’re fighting creatures the game plays like a classic run-and-gun shooter, blazing through crowds and making up for damage taken by draining the power of the dead.  When you’re fighting humans it plays a lot like today’s war shooters because you can’t regenerate health while fighting them so you’re conserving as much as you can.  The contrast keeps things interesting, but when both enemies enter the fray at once things get messy very quickly.

A bull enemy that charges at you and breaks through walls?  I’m just sort of astonished by how incredibly new that is.  I’ve never seen that before at all….seriously guys, Pandora’s Box is open!  You can create whatever you want!  I know you almost have to use werewolves at some point, but minotaurs that charge?  We’re really doing this?  How about unicorns that shoot lasers out of their horns?  Flying turtles that have some sort of spin attack?  Porcupines on fire…anything!

The woman that I haven’t even seen for several missions went on about how the creatures have engulfed the entire world into a cataclysm.  The following scene shows my character in a fancy looking base that has some old man waxing the floor.  I’m not sure how to respond to that…was it supposed to be funny, or completely serious?  If it wasn’t supposed to be funny, how would the developers not notice the huge contradiction when they say the world is ending and then immediately show someone performing a job that makes no sense in that context?  Does this guy have absolutely no family or friends to worry about?  Does he not care that we’re in the middle of an apocalypse?  He actually looks happy there with his head bobbing to the music from his headphones.  I get the feeling that this entire room was meant for some intro scene that got scrapped in production, and that no one paid any attention to the major shift in tone.


Once you get a bit further into the facility you find a large series of test chambers that contain the various enemies from throughout the game.  The chambers teach you how to defeat each enemy and how to use some of the game’s devices.  I can’t help but wonder why this wasn’t at the beginning of the game rather than in the sixth level out of eight.  Surely this could have been an effective tutorial rather than a borderline easter egg with an achievement attached?

There’s a room where waves and waves of human enemies come flocking in who also have control of two minotaurs.  The minotaurs take an incredibly long time to kill, there’s very little room to maneuver around, and the humans are shooting from pretty much everywhere.  The only effective way to win is to use a machine to take control of the minotaurs, but I have no mana (or whatever) to power it with.  You can only regenerate mana (and consequently your health) by killing monsters and absorbing the stuff that comes out of them.  Humans give you nothing.  Minotaurs can easily kill me before I could ever take them down, so they’re not a viable source for regeneration.  This leaves the pixie creatures that are flocking around.  These things stay invincible until they attack you, so you have to wait for them to make the first move.  The problem is that they simply won’t do that.  No matter how much I sit still, run around, shoot at them, throw grenades, or pull out my hair they just fly around in front of me, taunting me.  I have no idea why the pixie AI is suddenly behaving differently in this level.  Normally you can stun them to make them vulnerable with your force push-like power, but that uses half of your mana and needing mana is my entire problems in the first place.  Every time I die I respawn with no mana and half of my health, so here I am stuck in what seems like an impossible situation…on easy mode.

Keep a spare RPG on you whenever possible.

Everything resolved itself when I played again six hours later…of course.

And…done.  I can’t call Legendary a bad game.  It’s cheaply made, clunky, glitchy, cheesy, repetitive, and all sorts of stupid fun.  The creatures are all pretty different, the environments change pretty frequently, and it’s simply too short for anything in it to bother you all that much.  It does feel a bit rushed.  New enemies stop popping up about half way through the game and they decide to just throw larger numbers of previous enemies at you from that point on.  There’s also a missed opportunity for some epic boss fights.  I only particularly remember one big boss and he wasn’t even at the end of the game.  Having some big new monster to take down in every other level like in Bulletstorm could have done a lot to mix things up.  It’s nothing to get excited about, but it’s a great game to pick up and blast through over a weekend.


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