Quickie Review: Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia on XBLA is an abysmal mess that I would recommend to no one.  It blends combat with platforming, but does neither one well.  Every action you assign to your character happens after an extensive delay, which leads to countless deaths that simply should have never happened.  Your enemy is attacking and you need to parry?  Too bad, you hit X two seconds ago and the prince is still swinging his sword.  I hope you like the taste of metal.  You only tapped the joystick lightly to the side in order to reposition your character?  Well, he just lunged forward about seven feet into a bed of spikes.  You’re going to overshoot your jump?  Sorry, you lose all control the moment you hit the A button.  I was astonished by how many times I had to replay painfully simple sections of the game because I couldn’t get the prince to respond to even the most basic controls.  There’s also the problem where certain controls have several possible results.  For example if you’re under a ledge and you press up then you jump up and grab the ledge.  If you’re even slightly off from the acceptable ledge region then for some reason pressing up makes you do a backflip that sends you about ten feet away from where you started.  Golly, I wonder what sort of problems that could cause in a platforming game?  I understand that this is a remake of a “classic” game, but if you’re going to go through the trouble of updating the graphics then why wouldn’t you update the gameplay?  I feel like I’m fighting the game in order to play it, and that’s just not acceptable.  I’ll gladly leave this one unfinished, delete it from my hard drive, and banish it from my memory.


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