Quickie Review: Stacking

Stacking is an adventure/puzzle game inspired by Russian nesting dolls.  You control a tiny doll character that can take control of any larger doll by stacking into it.  Each doll has a different ability, most of which will eventually be used to solve one or more of the game’s many puzzles.  Interestingly, each puzzle has several solutions.  It keeps track of which ones you use, so completionists will get a lot more time out of the game while they work solving each puzzle in every possible way.  The visuals are charmingly stylized and the game is accessible enough so that anyone should be able to play it.  There’s even a hint system if you get stuck.  One of my only gripes involved the cut scenes, which started out as a novelty but quickly became slow and tedious.  I found myself just waiting for them to end so that I could get back to the puzzles.  I found myself pouring hours into this game without realizing how long I’d been sucked in, and I never regretted the time I put in.  This is exactly the kind of unique gaming experience that XBLA exists for.  This is the second Double Fine game to hit XBLA, and if you read my post about Costume Quest you should know that they’re now 2-0 with me.  Here’s hoping that future games keep up with the standard they’ve been setting so far!


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