Ranting While Playing: Medal of Honor

Online Pass?  That’s the fastest I’ve ever stopped caring about an achievement list.  It’s a pity, too…a war shooter without collectibles for once!

The game starts with a few seconds of a helicopter crash followed by a “Six Months Earlier” flashback.  A crash with no context isn’t interesting! This is not how you tell a story!

Even on hard mode you can kill most enemies by simply running up to them and stabbing them.

This game has the same problem as Call of Duty: enemies and allies look the same.  It’s really easy to die by misinterpreting whether someone wants to kill you or not.

I have an objective to secure a warehouse.  There are no enemies left, my allies aren’t moving, and I appear to be at a dead end.  Glitch? Am I missing something? I don’t know, but I’m annoyed…okay, I’ve looked online and apparently this is a very common glitch.  If it’s so well known then why the fuck hasn’t it been patched?  I’m only maybe an hour in and I’m about ready to just quit this game.  Having a game-breaking glitch that makes me restart the entire level this long after release is inexcusable.

I took a break and played some Battlefield Bad Company 2.  I couldn’t help but notice that it felt like the exact same game.  Thank God for that game, though.  At least Bad Company has a personality and a sense of humor.

“What the fuck, Rabbit? You forgot how to use that thing?” I sure did.

I just sat through some dramatic sounding cinematic and I honestly can’t remember anything that was said.  The blandness is truly remarkable.

I’m fighting my way through some camp in a “stealth” mission.  I keep getting into various firefights along the way but as soon as I get to a new area everyone’s completely oblivious to my presence.  Gunfire is pretty loud, developers!  Was this mission designed by the same guy who thought up the Battlefield Bad Company 2 intro?

What’s with gates automatically opening for me in enemy encampments as I drive toward them?  Realistic war game my ass.

There’s nothing fun about repeating a section multiple times because you can’t even see your enemies through all of the smoke and dust.

There’s no grenade indicator when you’re using the scope of a weapon.  Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to die?

The game switches perspectives multiple times, but everyone looks and sounds the same so half the time I don’t even notice.  In all cases your character is silent.  How much sense does that make?  Just think about it for a second.  This is a game that puts a massive emphasis on its supposed ‘realism’ but your character never communicates with his squad?  How do they survive without communication?  How much dumber could this be?

The outro is pretty drawn out.  Rabbit’s bleeding to death! (black out) You’re going to make it, you’re a warrior! (black out) Where the hell is evac? (black out) Rabbit’s bleeding to death! (black out) You’re going to make it, you’re a warrior! (black out) Where the hell is evac? (black out) Helicopter ride, “tribute to our troops” text screen, credits.

This game has absolutely nothing to offer anyone other than the brown shooter junkies that are desperate for another set of levels to shoot up.  It brings nothing new to the table and tells a mediocre story in a pointlessly confusing way.  It shamelessly copies other shooters in a genre that’s already constantly stealing ideas from one another, and as a result it has all of the same problems as each and every other game in the market.  I’m sick of these developers shamelessly putting out the same brown homogeneous sludge every year and calling it a new game.

What was the point of this game?  It claims to be a tribute to our troops but it does virtually nothing to help us sympathize with them or understand anything they go through.  In this game you take a squad of four highly trained soldiers with a slew of gadgets and air support and use them to slaughter hundreds of enemy forces that are dressed in rags and have no tricks up their sleeves.  If this is supposed to be a realistic depiction of war it makes out presence seem trivial.  Even on the hardest difficulty the game makes it seem like our troops are fighting monkeys with AK-47’s.  It’s insulting and stupid.


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