Ranting While Playing: PowerGig Rise of the Six String

Take Rock Band 3’s pro guitar mode and Warriors of Rock’s quest mode, run them over with a car, and then scoop up nearby roadkill instead. What do you get?

The animation is lazy to the point where it needs to be seen to be believed.

The string that connects all notes seems to serve absolutely no purpose other than making crowded sections of notes incomprehensible.

Open notes have a glowing orb on each side, which makes them look like a G-O chord. Even after you realize what they are the orbs still distract your eyes.

The over-sized shower of sparks that erupts from each note you hit looks roughly the same as a missed note in your peripheral vision, so it’s hard to tell whether you’re even hitting anything.

Tilting the guitar for overdrive/starpower/lolwhatthefuckismojo? Apparently that was far too convenient of a feature, so now you have to press the back button in order to activate it. Ever tried pressing the back button on the Xplorer while alt-strumming? Genius move. I love you so much right now Seven45.

I’m having so much trouble reading the screen and figuring out the correct timing that I’m consistently getting 3-4 “seals” per song. Even in Rock Revolution the strobe light behind the transparent, flat note highway only made me miss the occasional note.

PS2 graphics. That’s being generous.

No bass? What?

The audio mixing is terrible. I don’t think they bothered to even do it in the first place. In most songs the vocals completely drown out the guitar part, so you’re essentially hitting silent notes. In other cases you’re playing those shitty sort of songs where the notes just sort of blur together into this white noise that lazy song writers loved to use. These songs just aren’t fun to play.

If you press start to pause the game the track keeps going until you actually select an option to pause the game in the menu.

I could say more, but I think this is enough writing considering I’ve only played four songs so far.


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