Why do people put up with me?

Sebas O_o: mahna mahna
tsunamishadow is now Away.
tsunamishadow is now Online.
tsunamishadow (2): Seb?
Sebas O_o: of course not
Sebas O_o: Cthulhu Saves the World’s Trial makes it feel pretty fun to play!
tsunamishadow (2): ..
Sebas O_o: mustfindwaystoannoypeoplewhileiwaitformagickaandlondoncallingtodownload
tsunamishadow (2): …
tsunamishadow (2): Yes I understood that
Sebas O_o: ….
Sebas O_o: these RBN posts are getting too long
Sebas O_o: damn creators club people, “working” and crap like that
tsunamishadow (2): err…
tsunamishadow (2): I don’t know what to say to that.
Sebas O_o: creators club, XNA, indie people, mobile app hub, whatever they’re calling it now
tsunamishadow (2): I know what your talking about, I just can’t think of a response.
Sebas O_o: MS has a tendency to rename things every three months lol
tsunamishadow (2): *weeks
Sebas O_o: so what’s with the (2)
tsunamishadow (2): come again?
Sebas O_o: tsunamishadow (2): come again?
tsunamishadow (2): it just shows as tsunamishadow for me…
tsunamishadow (2): OH!
tsunamishadow (2): Right, I have two different Steam accounts.
tsunamishadow (2): but I use the same name for each so that’s probably why.
tsunamishadow (2): [guesses the songs have downloaded now] …
Sebas O_o: magicka isn’t a song and london calling is the album
tsunamishadow (2): is that what that said, I read it as something different.
Sebas O_o: I just realized I took the time to parallel park in a fucking video game
tsunamishadow (2): I just realised that I was playing Bass to “Everbody Wants to Rule the World” for a fucking video game…
tsunamishadow (2): …
tsunamishadow (2): I’m going to go now…
Sebas O_o: tguoftydutdfu
tsunamishadow (2): err…
Sebas O_o: that’s what she said
tsunamishadow (2): whos she?
Sebas O_o: yo’ mamma
tsunamishadow (2): no she came in drunk again so she said “BLARGHG!” while puking
Sebas O_o: yousaidyouwereleavingyoufuckingliar
tsunamishadow (2): I closed the window…
Sebas O_o: omfg this is on RBN now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmx6Q0YLH8A
tsunamishadow (2): ROFL, if that’s $1 i’ll get it!
Sebas O_o: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FNz8ZsFxgM
tsunamishadow (2): …not that one
Sebas O_o: also Hassle: The Dorkening and Origin of Species
tsunamishadow (2): are those songs?
Sebas O_o: yessum
Sebas O_o: Origin of Species was normal DLC years ago
tsunamishadow (2): Seb…I don’t have a running list of the Rock Band DLC in my head.
Sebas O_o: lies, blasphemy, and stuff
tsunamishadow (2): ….
tsunamishadow (2): A lie and a blashphemy?
Sebas O_o: this conversation is now multimedia, apparently
Sebas O_o: you tweeting forum-whore =P
tsunamishadow (2): [giggles] I found you!
Sebas O_o: it was sooooo hard
Sebas O_o: thatswhatshesaid
tsunamishadow (2): dejavu
Sebas O_o: http://frontalot.com/index.php/?page=lyrics&lyricid=15
tsunamishadow (2): wtf?
Sebas O_o: sir yes sir
Sebas O_o: shut up and buy Magicka so we can co-op
tsunamishadow (2): that’ll be a problem
Sebas O_o: lies
tsunamishadow (2): Remember when I said I had two accounts…
Sebas O_o: I destroy one, win win win
tsunamishadow (2): well
Sebas O_o: there is no spoon
tsunamishadow (2): fork?
tsunamishadow (2): ?
Sebas O_o: fork you
tsunamishadow (2): [giggles]
Sebas O_o: this makes me sad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKwk7gU1QtI
tsunamishadow (2): Your healthcare system confuses me…
Sebas O_o: it’s like your healthcare system except stupid
tsunamishadow (2): *more stupid. Anyway I’m going outside now…have a good night.
Sebas O_o: I don’t believe you
tsunamishadow (2): Good cause I’m going to bed!
Sebas O_o: why do you sleep on a bed of nails?
tsunamishadow (2): ? Night night seb xx
tsunamishadow is now Offline.

– – – – –

ButterflyEdge is now Offline.


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