Rock Band 3 is one of the best games I’ve ever played, but…

– You can’t play online with a guitarist, bassist, and keyboard player at the same time.

– You can’t play with seven players online even though the back of the box says you can.

– Score Duel appears to be gone. Seriously, wtf?

– Rock Lobster.

– Two songs I paid for as DLC don’t work with the game any more (Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, Heir Kommt Alex).

– You have to make a new character if you want to change anything about their body aside from their hair.

– There aren’t nearly enough DLC goals built into the game.  I have over 1000 songs but there are only a few goals, almost all of which are just repeated from old achievements.

– Several achievements lack key information, leading to annoying posts from those who don’t understand the goal system.

– Only four band members show up on stage at once…I just see this as a huge oversight on Harmonix’s part. If you’re going to add a new instrument why wouldn’t you add a stage slot?

– Pro guitar completely unavailable at launch.

– Freezing problems. (fixed)


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