No Rock Band 3 Super Bundle & Why I Don’t Care

Ever since it was announced that there would be no super-bundle, the various message boards have been dotted with topics and posts complaining.  “I should be able to get X, Y, and Z in a bundle at a reduced price! Harmonix are being moneysucking vampires by making me buy them all separately!”  It’s a shame really, these posters would understand the problem pretty easily if they just took note of the fact that every single one of them wants a different X, Y, and Z.  There’s the five-button guitar, the Mustang guitar, the Fender guitar, the choice of one or three microphones, the MIDI adapter, the ION drum kit, the regular drum kit, the drumkit packaged with cymbals, the solus cymbals, the keyboard, and who knows what else I may forget to list.  Could they make a generic “legacy” pack with a microphone, drums, and fake guitar just like Rock Band 1 and 2? Sure, but I don’t think there’s really a demand for one.  I don’t think I’ve seen a single person who complained about the lack of super-bundle that wasn’t talking about Pro instruments.

Could they make a Pro bundle?  If they did it wouldn’t work for everyone.  Let’s look at the drummers first.  Assuming you have a kit, you’re in one of four camps.  You either have the ION Drum Kit, a MIDI drum kit, the Rock Band 1 kit like I do, or the Rock Band 2 or similar Beatles kit.  If you have the ION then you have no need for a new drum kit, so you would just want a keyboard and guitar in your Pro package.  If you have a MIDI drum kit then you would want the MIDI adapter in your bundle.  If you have the Rock Band 1 or Guitar Hero kit then you don’t have a cymbal expansion slot, so you would want an entire new drum kit packaged with cymbals.  If you have a working Rock Band 2 or similar drum set then all you would want is a new set of cymbals.

That whole mess of a paragraph was just for the the problems posed by the drum kit, but things reach another layer of impossible when you take into account the fact that there are two Pro guitars available at very different levels of realism and cost.  The keyboard is really the only peripheral that’s safe to include in a bundle.  It’s absolutely new, so it will be in high demand, and since it’s the only item being bundled the choice becomes simple and binary.  You either get the game with the keyboard, or the game on its own.  It’s very similar to the successful Game and Guitar bundle that has been available for pretty much every Guitar Hero game released.  On top of everything else this option saves shelf space, which is very important to retailers.  I recently got a job at Best Buy and I can’t stress enough how frustrated retail chains are with how much of their store they’ve had to dedicate to games like Rock Band 2, Beatles: Rock Band, Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, DJ Hero, Tony Hawk: Ride, and all of their absurdly large and numerous bundle options, most of which never sell.


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