Ranting While Playing: Dragon Age Awakening

Just finished playing DA:O:A:TheAbsurdAcronym and had a ton of fun with it.  It’s a great continuation of the story with plenty to do.  I spent more than 15 hours doing who knows how many quests in all sorts of new areas with new enemies, etc.  This was easily my favorite expansion to date, but it definitely had its drawbacks.  Only two of the party members from the main game showed up in the expansion, and only one of them actually joined my party.  The other one just sort of had a conversation with me in a quickly and pointless cameo.  The game also felt like it wasn’t properly playtested.  Here’s a list of the strange issues I ran into:

– I loaded up my character from the main game and started playing…only to see that he was entirely naked at the beginning of the chapter.  I had to find new items from scratch, though that wasn’t a problem at all.  It was mostly just…odd.

– I was supposed to eliminate a bunch of smugglers. Once I did so I noticed that the city guard was mad at me for some reason. I checked my completed quest log and I had two new completed quests. One said that I had eliminated the smugglers for the sake of the city and the other one said that I had helped the smugglers and made an enemy out of the guard…wtf?

– I also had a quest for fighting some guys in front of the city that were causing trouble, but I wasn’t working on that quest. Instead I was roaming the city to hunt down rogue mages. One of them ran up to the battlements so I followed him. Once I killed him I went through a door and found myself on the battlements above the front gate. I automatically entered combat because of the ruffians outside that I mentioned earlier, but I wasn’t close enough to them to attack them with any of my characters. Because I was in combat though, I couldn’t open any doors. I was stuck and had to reload a previous save.

– I was in a strange experimentation room and in front of and below me there was a small room filled with swirling smoke.  I was supposed to use two levers to manipulate a fire puzzle in order to make the smoke disappear and unlock the door so I could get the treasure.  I somehow managed to fall down off the cliff and through the invisible wall into the chamber, where I was stuck and had to load a previous save.

– I was fighting a dragon boss and I just happened to use my rogue’s teleporting move (added in the expansion) right when it took flight.  Instead of teleporting behind the boss and backstabbing them I found myself on the other side of the area in a place a clearly wasn’t supposed to be able to go to.  With my main character stuck I took control of my archer and finished the area with him.  My rogue automatically appeared with the  rest of the group when I went on to the next area.

Overall I’d say Awakening is a great expansion.  Just save often.


One Response to “Ranting While Playing: Dragon Age Awakening”

  1. dudecrazy108 Says:

    I find reading all this to be quite funny.

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