Ranting While Playing: Assassin’s Creed 2

Climbing walls feels a bit more awkward than I remember.

How do Ezio and Desmond have the same scar?

Why are wanted posters on the top floors of buildings? No one could see them there.

Renaissance cities are a bit less fun to run around in than the middle-eastern ones were.  The renaissance rooftops are much higher and less even with with each other so you end up spending a lot less time running and a lot more time climbing.

Leonardo wanted me to hug him but the QTE was too short. I actually felt bad.  It would help if the QTE’s weren’t often so incredibly short and if they weren’t only a tiny notification in the top right corner.

Wait…after two years the girl suddenly gives Ezio the documents that tell him about the boat? After two years? What. The. Fuck. Why? How does that make any sense? If this was a bioware or bethesda game I would kill that bitch off for that.

All of your family members essentially stop being characters after a chapter or two.


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