Ranting While Playing: Mass Effect 2

First off, it was pretty awesome realizing just how deceptively true the initual ME2 teasers actually were.

The citadel went from light to dark while the normandy went from dark to light.

Tali looks awesome. As does the Blood Dragon armor.

You now actually control the Normandy while in space.

Beam me up Scotty…er…random scottish guy working on the engine that has nothing to do whatsoever with Scotty from Star Trek…yeah.

An Asari-Turian couple is having a conversation that parodies the one you have with Liara in ME1. “The important thing is that you embrace the time you have with the fish.” “Is this the life span talk? We’re not having the life span talk.” Got a good laugh out of me.

Holy crap they brought back Elcor Hamlet. Emily Wong is on the news! The guy trying to return something…the woman with the dead husband that’s paranoid about enhancing their only child. Damn did they bring back every random citadel NPC? The gang member from the reds. A letter from Sha-ira.  I guess it’s pointless making a list. The game mechanics may have changed but the sheer number of reoccuring characters makes the story feel like it was never interrupted.

Oh dear god…a video game store in a video game.

ME2 is definitely funnier than ME1.

The bartender mocks you if you ask about local news. Silly humans and their traditional W-RPG cliches.

Nice. the news even talks about stuff you did in the first game’s DLC


Zaeed is pretty much a badass and he comes with an entire planet and mission to play through…free DLC ftw.

Mordin is one of the most interesting and entertaining characters I’ve encountered in recent memory.

Combat is vastly improved.  You can even assign hotkeys to the powers of your allies, which really cuts down on the time you spend with the radial menu.

Many of the new powers are flat out awesome to use, and the new layout of character skills makes each one far more unique.

Each character has the deep back story that you would expect from a bioware game and their various character-specific sidequests are all pretty well done.  Even if the story and the achievement weren’t enough reason to do them, the new skill that you unlock with each one definitely was.

Many of your actions and upgrades have a significant effect on how exactly the game ends and the game hits you with plenty of decisions at the end that could lead to the deaths of many of your crew members.  Every minute of the final mission is just awesome. Definitely on par with the first game’s incredible climax.  The final boss was less expected than Saren was, but every bit as epic.

For the record, Zaeed and Legion died on my first attempt at the final mission.

I ended up writing a lot less than I thought I would because I was so sucked into the game. Those 50 hours went by incredibly fast.

TL:DR:GOTY most likely


Apparently Shepard can drink through a mask.

The human embassy is the only part of the citadel from the first game you can access.

You unfortunately can’t wear any of the DLC armor without the helmets.  I love the Blood Dragon armor but I prefer being able to see my character’s face during conversations.

During the climax of Samara’s sidequest my TV’s audio cut out for the whole scene.  I looked around online and apparently this is a commom problem. Shame.

Girls with necklaces, bands, etc tend to have their necks pass through what their wearing. Graphics glitch.

When I was doing Thane’s sidequest it completely glitched out.  It ended at the wrong time, I didn’t get an achievement, and even though the end of mission screen said I unlocked a new costume it wasn’t there. Fortunately I was able to load an autosave that was just a few minutes back.


2 Responses to “Ranting While Playing: Mass Effect 2”

  1. yeah I had the same problem during Samara’s sidequest where the audio randomly cut out towards the end. and I remember it happening on one other sidequest too.

  2. burnthelamb Says:

    Haha not much of a “rant” is it?

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