Ranting While Playing: Mass Effect

Graphics are amazing, but facial shadows can look weird, especially around noses or with certain female hairstyles.

Why is the grenade button Back?

Why isn’t there an actual cover button? Pressing up against cover to use it is awkward.

It’s a little hard to take the Citadel Security team seriously when they sound like a form of childbirth. “C-Sec”

Most of the side quests can be summarized as “go to this planet, blow shit up.”

On higher difficulties the amount of damage enemies can take can get a bit ridiculous.  You can have your whole team on one guy with various biotics making him float through the air helplessly as you unload countless shells into his chest screaming “JUST DIE YOU MOTHER FUCKER IT’S NOT LIKE YOU CAN FIGHT BACK ANYWAY!”

I went on a side quest where I was supposed to kill a bunch of biotic terrorists while avoiding the drug-addled researchers that were being used as human shields. Within a minute of setting foot within the facility one of my allies killed a civilian.  It was just one, but still…I didn’t want to kill any. That was kind of the point of the mission.

Some of the biotic powers have a tendency to send enemies through walls.


One of my favorite games. Ever.



Wow, I’ve already beaten this game three times and I just had a full conversation in a scripted NPC event that I had never encountered in previous playthroughs…and now another one…and now a bunch of side quests I’ve never even seen before.

“She banged on the window once, then they tore her to pieces. Her head came apart like a melon. I closed the door. I killed her.” – a Line from an NPC I had never encountered in previous playthroughs. “I’m sane. God, am I sane. You think I want absolution? There is none.”

Up to two out of three possible squad members can die in a playthrough depending on your decisions and this can happen as early as half way through the story.

How many games are there where you can make the villain kill himself?


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