Ranting While Playing: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Wha-What happened to the graphics? MUA1 wasn’t exactly beautiful but in MUA2 everyone looks like they’re made of plastic.

“Fury ripped that from me one year ago today” …wait…it’s been a year since my last mission? WTF? When did the game say that.

…and my game froze in the middle of a boss fight. Nice one.

Don’t try to follow the plot…there isn’t really one to follow.  Ironman and Captain America get mad at each other and you choose a side to fight for…that’s about it.  It seems like it’s just a gimmick to get you to play the game twice and I’m pretty ready to blame it for being the reason why this game is so short.  There are only nine relatively short missions per playthrough.

Holy shitballs there’s a lot of collectibles.

The camera, especially in smaller or more circular environments, loves to point in directions that lead to all of your opponents being off screen.

The AI spends 99% of the time just standing there doing absolutely nothing while you do all the fighting.  Many bosses are just bullshit to fight because of this if you’re not playing in co-op.

Your enemy is a computer that wants to take over the world by adding everyone to a single hive mind…where have I heard that before? We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Often when I go down an elevator-type lift one of my characters will be left floating on the floor I just left.

I just went through a segment where Gambit was floating roughly ten feet above everyone and there was no way to get him down.  I ended up switching to a different character and he eventually just teleported to catch up.

You fight Venom and Green Goblin way too many times in this game.

Now Deadpool is floating.

If the game decides to have one of its countless pointless mini-cutscenes while you’re doing a fusion then it just stops your fusion and you lose your star. This happens a lot.

Now the game froze.

I was fighting Venom and Green Goblin in Black Panther’s Palace.  Goblin disappeared and no matter what I did Venom wouldn’t take damage. Yes, I know you’re supposed to hit the pillars to stun him. That wasn’t working at all.  After about five minutes of why-the-fuck-won’t-this-game-work the game froze again.

Everything that I just explained above happened….again. Yes, even the freeze…and then on the third attempt everything just suddenly worked. What the hell is wrong with this game?

No matter how much you switch things up, bosses seem to always only care about whatever character you’re playing.

For some reason bosses always have to die in slow motion.

You fight the same bosses over and over again throughout the game.  “Oh shit, this level’s too short.”  “Just throw some bosses in at random.” “We’re out of characters!” “Just use the same ones again.”  Oh, lord…the final boss’s attacks consist entirely of summoning the powers of previous bosses. They really did completely run out of ideas!

It took me seven hours to beat, but I can’t help but feel that there was only really about three hours of content in the game that just repeated itself over and over again.


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