Ranting While Playing: God of War 2

The hints insist on telling you over and over and over and over again that they are hints and how to turn them off.

If there’s this much debris constantly falling out of this collosus thing then why do I even need to bother fighting it? It looks like it would just fall apart on its own.

Aw, I liked Kratos better with armor.

Zeus just said I betrayed him, but I’ve never even seen him before?  “You will never be the ruler of Olympus!” wtf? Last time I checked Kratos tried to fucking kill himself. When the hell did ruling Olympus become the goal here?

The game tricks you for about half an hour into thinking you’re going to get to start out with the powers you worked to get in the first game…and then it strips them all away and combat becomes incredibly less fun.

Interactive QTE’s pop up over enemy heads, button mashing QTE’s pop up in the bottom left corner, and normal QTE’s pop up in the center of the screen.  Make up your mind, game!  If they’re going to give you an incredibly short window to react to the QTE’s the least they could do is make them always show up in the same spot on the screen.

Whenever there’s more than one medusa they can stone and insta-kill you.

When doing the interactive QTE with a cerberus they sometimes just glitch across the screen, breaking it.

Spoiler: At the end of the game you essentially accomplish nothing.


The midriff regeneration was awesomely nasty.

You can finally slide down climbing walls.  Climbing in general is more interesting. I.E. Not boring and annoying like in the first game.

Flying sections are well done.

Upgrading a weapon or skill no longer requires holding down the X button for ages.

Opening doors etc now has you hold R1 and mash O instead of making you mash R2…so why in the world couldn’t they just add this to the first game in the re-release?


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