Ranting While Playing: inFAMOUS

The “unarmed” prisoners have rifles on their backs.  Some of them have more than one.

There are a bunch of cops standing around doing nothing, but I have to escort a small group of prisoners across town alone because they’re “undermanned” and apparently need a superhero to accomplish minor tasks.

The train can’t move because the rails are supposedly uncharged, so I have to charge them…but I can grind the rails even though you can only do that when the rails are charged.

The girl that’s supposed to be the love interest is just an unlikeable bitch in all the scenes she’s in.

At the beginning of the game Zeke just ran in place for 30 seconds when he was talking, then stopped and wouldn’t move from the spot.  I had to reload the checkpoint just to make the first mission in the game work.

Climbing up large buildings is already tedious without it being unclear what you can and cannot climb.  The platforming is also severely flawed.  Cole will often just ignore your commands and grab whatever he feels like, really complicating the process of getting him to go where you want him to.  Many of the collectible shards seem like they were expertly placed to show you flaws in the platforming system I just mentioned.

Moving around in general gets boring.

Side quests are tediously repetitive after you’ve done a few of each.  The courier sidequests are particularly annoying because they courier has a ridiculously long line of sight…you’re also kept on a short quest-failing leash so you can’t give him any space either.

Instead of actually making areas without power darker they just throw a dark filter over the screen.

When trains pass each other going in opposite directions they pass straight through each other.

The game just kills off characters whenever they become irrelevant to the story.

The fact that you kill 99% of the opponents by zapping them from a distance makes this feel like a third person shooter where they added superpowers in at the last minute to make it more interesting.

Many parts of the plot make no sense.  Why do I need Zeke to come with me on this mission? He’s a massive fucking hassle to bring along because I need to power all the elevators and he’s a completely fucking useless character.  Plot device, duh. >.>


Being able to change what side the shoulder camera is on on the fly is a nice touch.


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